Why stories?

Story-based learning...

Research consistently finds a 2x performance increase over standard methods.

Increases vocabulary without anki-style rote memorisation

Reading material that interests you engages you at a level that standard instruction can’t match. It’s during this flow-state that acquisition of new vocabulary is heightened.

Boosts fluency in a language over 2x that of standard instruction

Research into the comprehensible input model of acquisition shows students move forward up to 15 months in ability compared to just 6 months of standard instruction groups in one academic year.

Improves grammar more than grammar instruction

Students that read interest-based stories perform better on tests of grammar than students who explicitly study grammar.

How mother works

Choose stories that interest you

A new 1,000 word story published every single day

Topics cover every interest you might have, ensuring there’s something for everyone. No more reading the same book in class as everyone else.

Stories are fully comprehensible

Images, emojis, native voice-overs

All stories come with maximum assistive input, meaning you don’t need any native translation to understand them.

Acquire a 2nd language the same way you acquired your mother tongue: from the ground up.

A new and proprietary fluency test

Language isn't about getting the "correct" answer

Other language fluency tests measure your ability to get the “correct answer”.

But language isn’t precise. The thing that matters is if you understood another person’s message in context.

We invented a new way to measure your fluency based on this fact.

Exclusive to educational institutions

We currently partner with schools, colleges, and universities to provide the platform as a compliment to their language departments.

Organisations purchase an annual license and students then get free access to use the platform to outperform on their language assessments.

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